A recut version of the film with all new graphics, interviews and information is set for re-release on June 25th at the iGaming SuperShow in Amsterdam. Come join director Scott Bell for the premiere showing of the new cut followed by a Q&A session.

UltimateBeat tells the story of a rogue online poker site operating during the boom years. Founders used software to exploit customers for millions of dollars over a five year period. Most surprisingly, when caught they were able to determine on their own how much they would repay to defrauded players and nobody faced any serious legal inquiry. Individuals critical to creating, allowing and otherwise overlooking the crimes continue to seek new opportunities in a regulated online gaming world.

Shortly after the premiere, the recut UltimateBeat will be available for download. The price of the new release has not yet been set but current pricing is good until the premiere. Customers who purchase the film prior to the premiere on 6/25 qualify for a free download of the new cut when released (48hr rentals do not qualify).